zondag 17 augustus 2014

Coffee !!!

On your motorcycle, looking for a quest ?
Man, oh man, yes sometimes like the day after .......
I'am in need of good cup of coffee, not just a cup of coffee !
I mean a good cup of coffee, so i can get my senses back.
Here are some shots of my, treasures.
More picures to follow ! Stay tuned....
Kolonel koffie Antwerpen
Made by true Baristas ;
The Bath coffee company 4-9-2014

zaterdag 22 maart 2014

French Fries !

The oldest topic amongst Harley riders, since i can remember !
Any engine needs oil , period.

Basically, Harley's don't need oil-pressure,
they just need "a flow of oil".
So there goes "your interesting nonsense bar talk."
Here is why;
Early Harley's had a Total loss oil system.
When ya stopped in the 1920's at a gas-station ya fueled gas and oil !
Total loss ?
Yeah, the oil was allowed to drip out of the engine.
People tried to minimize it as much as possible,
because it gave such a mess on their pants, boots, jacket.
( airplane pilots, on their goggles)
1929 JD, the oil under it ? JD Total loss oil system= normal !

Harley made a dual pump in 1936 ( feed and yes, now a scavenge side 2 )
knuckle oil pump

Basically; so it did  "not" over oiled the engine and THE riders pants.
THE first need for a bit of pressure was in 1948 with the introduction  of the Panhead. Harley did not realize hydraulic push-rods needed some pressure. They just added hydraulics in the push-rods up with the rocker-arms without an proper oil pump adjustment.
No need to tell, trouble !

That's why solid after market push-rods replacements, like s&s became popular.
By the way Sportster's had solid push-rods up to 1985 !?
Ya wonder why ?

Ya see, the only reason, an Harley engine
needs some kind of oil-pressure is because of the hydraulic push-rods.
So all the big twin engines,
up to 1999 could run with an Knucklehead oil-pump,
as long ya replaced THE hydraulic push-rod units, for solids.
Crazy hey !?  But true !
Ultima high performance pump $$$

So why, oh why ?
is there so much offerings in the so called " better" oil pumps
who can yield your oil pressure to THE sky !?
Well remember "your interesting nonsense bar talk"
about oil pumps from the beginning ?

Please. Buy this oil pump !?
What a way to make money,
produce THE oil-pumps they talk about & wish,
and you can make money !

Anecdote; a friend from me
( Dale Nungesser) a top-fuel dragracer out of Kansas,
makes his own crankcases ( sells 'em too),
without the possibility to mount an oil pump.
I asked him " come on Dale, why?"
His answer was plain and simple,
" the oil-pump takes horsepower from my engine,
and i don't need the oil pump".
Well Dale ya NEED oil !
Correct; just made some 'ol style lube-points on it ,
give it a squirt or 2, that's enough for à 1/4 mile, 500 hp. dragbike.
Dale ran, some 6,8 secs with an end speed just over 200 mph, and he relied on just a few squirts of oil, an never ruined an engine due to oil-problems. Case closed .
Dale Nungesser, from Belle Plaine, Ks. USA

Oh, and French fries are cooked in oil ! :-)
Mineral, vegetable, synthetic oil?  Did they used this ? to lube those motorcycles back in the 1920's ? You would be surprised !

zondag 8 december 2013

Bonneville Speedweek 2013 , w. pictures !

                                                                          (more pictures, after my encounter on the SALT !)
Standing on THE SALT, unreal.
Like i'am in the middle of a movie, " zooom, zooom ",
like the film " Star wars " on a strange planet.
Only i was there on Wednesday a few days before official speedweek 2013,
and there was no " zooom, zooom " , or " brooom "yet !
All by myself on the great Bonneville SALT flats of Utah,
where legends happen,  made & are WRITTEN !
White in every direction, framed in a big picture of mountains without trees.

Next day, i should meet Jim Hoogerhyde already an veteran in racing THE SALT.
Wauw, it's going to happen , and i'am going to witness it, every bit, yihaaa !

The following day, i could not be beaten away with the technical inspection.
Special when Bob Lewis shows up , from Corpus Christi, Texas,
with  his  80" , ( 1340cc) 1945 Knucklehead for inspection.
Bob was direct my instant hero !
Think Bob was just over his 70's, probably had that Knucklehead from his youth.
Tech inspection had some problems w. Bob.

Because Bob (as any racer), walked in the grey area of the rules.
Tech. was & is really there to help and sort things out,
so if or when Bob would run a record, he would HAVE a record.
You can imagine i was all ears.
I asked the tech inspection and Bob their underwear out of their pants.
Talking to Bob was "not" so evident.
Apparently Bob had been listening his whole life to dragpipes up close.
Bob was "kinda" deaf !
Tech inspection was very cooperative.
Tech made Bob a whole list to fix, before race day, the day after.
Yep Bob, fixed everything in time and satisfied tech..

And yeah! Would n't you believe !
Bob did run à record !
153 mph ( 247km/h), on a old 80" , 45 Knucklehead home brewed in Corpus Christi, Texas.
This was so fucking awesome !
Gave me goose bumps in a 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 C) SALT desert !

Still at the tech inspection on Thursday, i met up w. my crewchief & driver.
Jim hoogerhyde !
Jim not just smart electrician, and a gent, but also pretty good mechanic.
He had his bike sorted out completely.
Spend enough time on details, to avoid problems on the SALT and in tech.
So Jim was thru tech inspection in a matter of no time.
Jim's right hand was THE silent force, " Miles ", real team-player and friend.
Later at Speedweek, Jim's girlfriend and more friends joined,
so our crew, grew a LOT !
Jim , Miles " the silent force", & me " mr. Hangloose"
But " Miles" was always there as "the silent force" !

As i said before, " Jim" is a clever electrician.
{ 2 weeks later, he would run a record on his electric bike over 200 mph (321 km/h)!,
First electric bike ever going over 200 mph, official !}
Meantime Jim introduced me to all kind of cool people.
Some of them even raced in the 1960 / 1970's on THE SALT and still going strong.
Like Ralph Hudson on his turbo charged bike aiming for +/- 280 mph (450km/h).
Think Ralph is well in his 60's.
Ralph had a bad crash on Sunday.
He was thrown of the bike at 218 mph., witnesses said.
It was like Superman hanging on his handlebar to save the bike.
THE SALT ripped of the leather sleeve of his left arm,
exposing his bare arm to the coarse SALT, it took the flesh off to the bone !
He was brought to hospital by helicopter,
and the surgeon's performed an 3 hours surgery, to clean up the wound, and try to fix his arm.
Other then that , Ralph just had some bruises.
Last time i talked to him ( 2 weeks after the crash )
he was looking to ride a bike again !
That's the spirit !
Ralph was kinda pissed he wouldn't be able to race,
the world finals in October ( just 6 weeks after his crash ).
Well that's what i call " the spirit of THE SALT ! "
Beautifully detailed double Indian scout, from " Jim Mosher"

Cody, was the best ! All the grass was gone !! Vanished !!

 On saturday officially speedweek starts.
The rates of the hotels are bumped up from $70 to $ 250 for a night.
So i bought myself an inflatable for $15,
tucked it in the back of my rental car.
I was settled :-) for the rest of speedweek !
My new sleeping grounds, " up in the mountains"
Hey racing is expensive,
I have to save money for my racebike ( donations, etc. all welcome!).

5 nights at a difference
of $ 180 à night.
Hmm didn't have think too long !
Washing and shaving between the truckers at the truckstop,
could charge there my equipment batteries too ! OVER OUT AND DONE !

On Saturday morning it gets really crazy.
In the glow of the morning dawn 6.30am ,
i'am in a string of all kind cool Cars, heading for the pits.
Hot rods, rv's, pick ups, trucks, vintage, collectable, strange looking ( stage coach V8!),
etc. really living a dream here !
Up to the pits at 6.30 am.

V8 stage coach, got horsepower ?
After the ceremonies and the national USA anthem.
Yeah, that girl could sing "The Star-Spangled Banner"  pretty good !
We're getting ready at the pits, for our first run of the day.
No record expected at the first run thou.
Just an educational run for the bike's computer so we can acquire some data.
 "Kristine" , speeddemon "Jim" , & tha Force " Miles! " Data setting !!
Humidity 10%, talking of dry ?
4 litres of water a day, no signs of sweaty clothes,
and if ya had to go pee ? DUST !
First run, Jim did run an respectable 210 mph.
Nice , real nice. a good sign !
Updated the bike, and another run under-geared.
Sunday we changed sprockets, yep record !
But  we couldn't back it up on Monday.  :-(

So some more adjustments, yeahhh Record ! 223 mph (359km/h) !!
Now we had to back it up, on Tuesday!
( when record run done, your bike has to go too impound,
so your racing is over for the day).
6.30 am, up on my way to impound !! Look a fellow participant !

Miles is taking guard at impound.

Warming hands with Tech inspection.
Drivers view 7am.

Tuesday was my flight back home, short in the afternoon.
But we still had to do a back up run.
In impound your allowed only to do minor adjustments.
At 7am we're in line for backing up our record.
The officials came to us telling the track was lying there
as smooth as a baby bum.
They worked on it all night !
Wouldn't ya believe it !
A car breaks down before our run, ruining the track !
Would at least take 2 hours cleaning the track :-/
We were directed to another track.
Yeah Jim, the track is ruined, we've to move to another track

Remember Bob our knucklehead rider ?
Bob wasn't backing anything up.
He just wanted a run on that track.
He waited the 2/3 hours out on his motorcycle w. his full leathers on !
And i tell ya that sun starts blazing at 8 ! Respect for Bob !

Finally a little over 10 o'clock , Jim could make his run !
Got everything tip top, nothing left for surprises.
Finally Jim is ready,
facing the great white dynamo meter, aiming for . . . . . floating mountain.

Finally the official, points Jim out, " your ready to go, GO !"
Pointing towards the race course.
Jim eases out at a steady pace, picking up speed, towards the 1/4 mile.
Bike sounds good, rider seems comfortable.
The rest i can't see, he's out there all by himself.
I got to listen to the radio how his speed increases.
2 mile marker, 212 !
3 mile marker 220,
4 Mile marker, 223 ,
exit speed 222 mph !!!!
Yeah , we've done it !
An official record,
for an natural aspirated 1000 cc motorcycle with fairing !
And an official member of THE 200 mph club !

Goosebumps time again, big time !
Jim is being hauled back to impound by Miles and his girlfriend.
And me ? I'am dancing like a 6 year old !
Being there and experience all this,
being member of an actual record breaking motorcycle team !
My week couldn't be better !
Now i had to try and catch a plane in Salt Lake city !?

First clean off all THE SALT of the rental car, inside and outside,
otherwise the rental company gives you a BIG fine !
This was the Salt on my shoes and Rental, just from the first day on the Salt !
Like in many many $$$ , think like in almost buying THE car !
Then a quick wash and shave for myself at the truck stop.
Aim the car east, and set the cruise control at 85mph ( max. Speed 75!).

Riding that ultra straight road with almost no cars, East.
I see in the distance an white sports car, slowly i catch up with it.
As i close in, Silver letters on the back show " State trooper "!
The stretch  " Lincoln Highway" on my way to Bonneville. LOOK ! just a car in the distance.
Damn i'am fucked !!!
Looking as European as I could,
never backed off the cruise control.
In passing the State troopers car,
I looked inside their car as an European the best way I could an nodded politely.
They looked very stern, but probably called in the car and found out it was an rental by an European Guy.
They never bothered.  Phhhhhhh !!
This one was less lucky !
At the airport I dropped off the car in 5 minutes,
the luggage in another 5, and i was in the plane at 20 minutes,
it took off in 10 minutes after I entered.
Talking about close.
Anyway I was sitting there with,
The biggest grin and experience you could imagine, and i was sick,
really sick even up to now ! I have SALT FEVER !

Wanna thank, all THE people who make this maiden salt trip possible & unforgettable.
First my wife giving me the opportunity, & my kid helping here out in my absence.
My dog ( kiwi) who waited for me faithfully.
Jim Hoogerhyde, Miles Carnahan , Frank Costa ( great stories !), Ralph Hudson, Bob Lewis, Kudo & Kate, girlfriend & all other friends of Jim . 
THE SCTA officials and many many others ! To be continued , . . . . .
Some parts of the Salt are real thin !! Stuck in tha mud ! 

Trader along the route to the racetrack ! Need an winter project ?
Yep, i'am an official participant ( no driver " YET !")

This one of the reasons, i need donations ! Entry is not cheap !

Just outside the tech. inpsection. Just real nice car !
Think before you tell your wife to "hold on to here steering wheel !"

" an KIWIDOG orange Toyota Hilux",  426" cu.in. ( 7000cc) ,
228 mph / 366 km/h !
"Living proof Toyota hilux IS a HOT ROD !!  

vrijdag 12 juli 2013

a YESTER-Friend, gonne not forgotten

Yesterday ( july 11 th.)  it was an Belgium holiday.
I always used to have my workshop,
in the middle of our touristic town "Sluis".
So on july 11th. (1990/1991) the town was crowded,
with day trippers.
A good friend of mine came by that day,
for a cuppa coffee, he often brought cookies along.

So after the coffee and cookies.

It was time for him to go back home.
His bike caught a lot of attention from the day trippers.
So out he went to his Shovel, w. springer front end.
The bike was parked on the sidewalk, in front of my shop,
Frank had to make his way thru the " audience "
As a good biker, his bike was ; indeed kick start only.
Ya wouldn't believe it, that 'ol shovel had a mind of his own.
Refused to start, kick after kick, but no bang !
So Frank, unzipped his jacket, kick, kick, still no bang !
The audience, grew with every kick.
Taking of his sweaty helmet, kick, kick, no bang !
So he relaxed a bit on his motorcicle,
meanwhile tossing a cigarette in his mouth, and lighted it.
Worked the cigarette to the other end of his mouth
and took a long haul.
When suddenly out of the audience,
a hillbilly farmer ( day tripper) came.

"hmmm mister, seems to me it does not start too good, does it ?".
Frank looked at him, tossed the cigarette,
to the other side of his mouth, and casually said;

"Ohh, it starts perfect, no problem, i'am just winding it up !
I'll show you, I just have to release the spring "
The farmer looked at Frank with THE biggest eyes ya ever can believe.
Frank still looked at the guy, while coming of the seat,
still straddled over the bike, he put his right foot on the kick-pedal.
Gave it just a kick, and sure enough, the 'ol Shovel fired up !
Sat down, zipped up his jacket, put on his helmet, and off he was ..
leaving his audience with their mouths wide open....
Me ?? laughing off my ass off !

This true story is to remember my good friend,
so not one of the best, Frank ( and his best friend Geoffrey)
who were killed in a freaky motorcycle accident 12-7-1992.
Ride free, bro !    I'am going to have that beer tonight !

Frank had photo-shoot at an 'ol factory, proud with his bike winter project . He handed me this picture. A TRUE BIKER, RIDE FREE !

zaterdag 29 juni 2013

TECH TIP, even the 'ol lady can do it !

Back in the days when ya wanted to clean,
THE chrome or the paint on ya car,
bike, motorcicle, whatever.
We were pretty limited here in Europe.
Besides washing it with water and regular soap,
we didn't had not so much "swell" products to help us.
Soap & water
We had " brasso " polish, intended for pots and pans.
" Commandant" to polish your paint and chrome, with crude abrasive in it :-(
I finally found a solution in a steam cleaner,
which could be rented for a guilder ( € 0,40) for 5 minutes, pretty nearby.
After utilizing the cleaner, drove the 10min. drive back home to dry the bike.
There i had a mix of petroleum and engine oil, waiting.
Yeah, i know sounds pretty historic doesn't ?
With a piece of cloth soaked in that mix,
I covered all the chrome, aluminum and paint.
Let it sit for a while, and with devoted elbow grease,
rubbed everything shiny clean. Yep, worked pretty good.
Only if ya looked at all those shinny cicles in the " Easyriders",
there was a difference.  They must have, better chrome !
Do they ever drive those machines ?
Their 'ol ladies are more devoted polishers,
The Cleaning crew
daytime the bike, and at night ya shifting rod ? .... ( ha ha, ya DIG ! ).
First change in our downlands (+/- 1980 )
came thru with, Belgom ALU !
Wauw that made, that aluminum really shine !
Special when ya sanded those rough Harley-davidsons castings down,
and treated it afterwards w. that "Belgom ALU "!
Still never found something similar again.
What ya think? Of course I sell it !
Have to make money somewhere to drive my scoot !
1984 started w. importing Harley parts & stuff.
Along with came those "wauw" polish things,
out of the fabeltastic good 'ol USA !
Products I never heard about.
Silk soft polishing wax with carnauba wax, for your paint !?
Man that stuff worked like wonders and smelled,
sooo sweat like candy ( yummy, yummy !).
Or " blue away " to get rid of the blueish heated parts on your shotgun pipes.

What really struck me was, a small tin can.
Contained impregnated cotton.
Ya had to take a piece out of it, and clean your chrome.
Indeed your chrome came home like it was factory new !
Really, not fooling ! Even big wraths of rust vanished !
That magic blue tin can, was called simply " NEVR DULL " !
And my bike was NEVR DULL again, after a cleaning job.
Yeah, of course i sell NEVR DULL !
It's a great product, for a small price. Only €8 !
You should have it on your shelf !
If ya reading this in Spain, Norway, or in the bushes of Germany.
Ya probably can find it there somewhere too.
Tell 'em, Alexander from "Kiwidog Bones" told ya so !
Now this was a special tech tip, without wrenches.
Even the misses can do it ;-)
Now time to sit back and enjoy the shine with a beer !